Smoking Dom Mom Teaches Son A Lesson HD

Ciara comes home and right off the bat she’s hacked off with her stepson. He’s used a bunch of dishes and left them dirty on the counter expecting her to clean them up. She opens the refrigerator door to get a beer and of course, all the beer is gone. She goes to the bathroom and while on the toilet she finds some tissue paper that her son has jacked off into then left on her floor.. Ciara makes herself a vodka cocktail and goes into the livingroom to drink it and smoke a cigarette. Ciara lights up her VS 120 cigarette and starts to think of ways to get even with her stepson. Finally it comes to her. She’s going to "teach him a lesson". When her son Tim comes home he immediately goes to the kitchen and refrigerator to get a beer. He’s forgotten that he drank it all and he’s upset that his mom hasn’t bought more. He starts to close the refrigerator door when he sees Ciara standing there in a metal and leather "Dom" outfit. She looks extreamly sexy in it and while he’s still looking for the right words, Ciara starts to tell him what to do. She’s still smoking which is something her son hates, but she doesn’t care. She pulls off his pants and grabs his stiffening cock. Ciara gets up close and while still grasping his cock, she blows smoke in his face. Ciara sits on the kitchen counter and commands her son to eat her pussy. After she has a small orgasm this way, Ciara sits on his cock and inserts it into her ass and then her pussy. She rides his cock while smoking another cigarette. She dismounts from his throbing dick and puts her pussy over his face. At the same time Ciara jacks and sucks her son’s cock until he explodes into her mouth and she spits his cum onto her tits.

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